Another restart of this blog

Ok back again…New year, new expectations, new goals…And on a new server as well…

Looking for content? Sorry…I have removed everything and redirecting the domain to this site instead…Why?

About 13 years ago I created the site and while I had a blast with it, I felt the domain name “aspcode” did put some  contraints on me and the content (also the site structure turned into a mess…I mean mixing articles like “Read a textfile with classic ASP” and newer stuff like CQRS/architecture/continous integration etc ).

Back then a website typically was just that – a website. You had some ASP/ASP.NET pages, most often just showing some data from a database backend…Today the web platform (.NET) is SO much more than just the website. There are so many more type of endpoints than the basic html over http – MSMQ/JSON (Web API)/websockets (SignalR) etc, and I wanna start over completely with my blog being able to cover these areas without the old luggage.

So – Happy New Years and hopefully I’ll start posting some real articles pretty soon!