Neverending struggle trying to develop Windows Phone Apps

So, I got some spare time during the summer and thought I should take a quick look at Windows Phone Development.

I actually have a few app ideas, and I was – a few years ago – able to create a Android app (from absolute scratch!). Installing IntelliJ, getting it to work with emulator, understanding app lifecycle etc – coding JAVA!. Yes a lot of new things, but in a few weeks I did have a

pretty polished LOB app up and running.

Now how hard could it be to get the same thing working for Windows Phone? I mean, C#/Visual Studio. I live and breathe it. However it turned out to be a neverending(??) nightmare.

As I have decided to use Azure VMs for development a lot more, I went the route of creating an instance of Windows Server 2012 with VS 2015 Community preinstalled.

Everything seemed to be installed, hooray – all the phone tools and sdks. So lets get started – decided to just create a new app from the templates (Hub app or whatever it was called)

First error: need a app developer license. And to be able to request that I was told needed to install the Desktop experience feature…

Finally found it. Install. Reboot box. Run again. Fine.

Now it all compiled fine, but when I tried to debug:

can’t start emulator. Cause it depends on Hyper-V. And we are running in a Hyper-V box so it’s not possible – it seems after hours of googling…

Ok, so I should run it locally on my own box instead. After struggling for a while reclaiming disc space on my old Windows 7 box I finally got VS2015 installed.

But now it doesn’t even look the same as it did on the Azure VM. Not the same project templates. The only Windows phone template I have now is “TestApplication”

and when trying to create a project from it I get “This template attempted to load component assembly ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.SmartDevice.ProjectSystem.Base'”

I am pretty sure something about running Windows 7 is the problem…

Ok, how about just upgrading my old W7 box then…Yes, I’m waiting for the free W10 upgrade. But that wont be in yet another 12 days.

Maybe I could install the W10 preview? Been there – tried that. The preview program is not open anymore…since it’s so close to release.

Ok, so instead I decided to buy a new MSDN subscription (actually havn’t had a sub for almost 2 years I just found out). I could then quickly download and do a clean install of 8.1 or even the W10 preview I thought.

And so I did. A few hours ago I ordered the Professional subscription. However – now my order has only passed Pending and entered Confirmation status. I will not be able to download from MSDN until it is “activated”. And when checking emails from last time I now released it took 5 days!!!

Oh well. I think I will upgrade my IntelliJ IDE instead and focus on some Android development instead…


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